Yoga Headstand Bench

Headstand Trainer - Yoga Headstand Bench Prepares Body Yoga Headstand Bench and Core for Yoga Headstand Bench Inverted Poses, Yoga Headstand Bench Cushioned Yoga Inversion Chair Lessens Yoga Headstand Bench Injury for Beginners

Designed to lessen the risk of injury, its soft PU cushion will lessen the pressure on your shoulder, neck, and arms as you train.
Trains and strengthens your core and body before attempting inverted poses for headstands, best for beginners. Built-in pad is non-slip to reduce risk of falling when sweaty
Versatile and can be used for various yoga exercises and positions
Reinforced steel base makes it stable, durable and safe
Small and easy to store

This Yoga stool is strong and comfortable, thick padded cushion and braced steel frame can support you. It also has a high-density PU sponge cushion to make you more comfortable when you upside down.

Improve circulation, digestion, and metabolism; reduce varicose veinsStrengthens your spine and core as it works the muscles in your abdomen, back, neck, shoulders and arms

Strong and comfortable - thick padded cushion and braced steel frame supports weight up to 441 lbs

Decongest internal organs,calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression

Product Specifications
Product Name: Inverted Yoga Chair
Product Material: PU / Steel Tube
Product Color: Black
Product Size: About 43 * 42 * 37cm / 16.93 * 16.54 * 14.57 Inch
Capacity of load: about 200kg
Main features: detachable assembly
Suitable place: yoga studio, bedroom, balcony, office, gym, outdoor, etc.
Take protective measures first. Make sure someone is helping or protecting the wall in front of you.
Not suitable for 2 hours of dinner or drinking water.
You may feel dizzy when you first try to stand up. Please don't hold on too long.
Control the investment time, if you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately.
Patients with hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should be used under the supervision of a doctor

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