USB Microphone

USB Microphone Professional Condenser Microphone USB + 1 Microphone Shock Mount + 1 Ball Foam Windproof Stopper + 1 Power Cable, Microphone For PC MAC Laptop Notebook Skype

Chip preamp professional, via control knob can be amplified USB Microphone 25 times the volume of the microphone, it is no longer the condenser microphone with low noise the sound card appears a situation

no driver installation required, no Committee, bulky, even inexperienced users can also use the bm-100fx for fast recording

Supports USB Microphone mixer with USB terminal, requires no power supply, talk, etc 48 V phantom power supply

Connectors are designed as a standard 3.5 mm microphone input connectors USB Microphone without conversion, plug and play

Fully Doll of the sponge wind and easy configuration of the desktop stand and other accessories, more convenient to use

Professional + 1 USB condenser microphone Microphone Shock Mount + 1 cap ball of foam microphone wind + 1, Power Cable for PC MAC Laptop Notebook Skype
1. Plug and play: work with Windows and Apple Mac and without the need to install any software.
2. Distinctive kidney Features: Noise Cancellation and isolation of the sound source more important
3. Sleek design: Metal construction of the black aluminum alloy Durable and sexy one aspect of the mesh of silver plate
4. The Recordable volume button on the microphone makes you a perfect voice volume for recording or the song.
Paper Free Audio \ free 48 V phantom power \ Application \ with reverb, volume adjustment

1 * USB Microphone
1 * Shock Mount
1 * 6.0 * 2.5 m beer 3.5 plug line recording of wheat
1 * Manual

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