Travel Pillow

Airplane Neck Pillow for Airline Travel w/Flex Neck Memory Foam No Bunching Velvet Design - Collapsible Universal Luxury Headrest for Car, Plane or Nomadic Traveling Travel Pillow

Flex Neck Design: Unlike blow-up pillows, this firm yet cozy memory foam Travel Pillow design gives you gentle, sturdy support that fits the natural contours of your neck.

Compact and Cozy: The Airplane Neck Travel Pillow weighs only 12 ounces and packs down to stuff into any carry-on without weighing you down.

Tuff Luxury Travel Pillow: The soft Velvet exterior is stitched with rugged seams to handle the abuse of packing and unpacking (and multiple cleanings) - for a more comfortable sleeping experience

The Airplane Neck travel Pillow has a compact design to allow natural movement without any loose fabric that could cover your face or make you feel claustrophobic.

Plus the flex neck travel pillow design keeps your neck supported in a natural sleeping position while holding the pillow in place (and out of other people’s personal space).

The form-fitted memory foam is squishy enough to be comfy, yet firm enough to give you stable head support for a more safe and secure feeling to let you sleep more soundly.
Customers have reported using their Airline Travel Pillow in unique ways.

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