Stainless Steel Cooking Tool



Brand new Stainless Steel Cooking Tool Mechanical Egg Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm Clock 60 Minutes Kitchen Timer Egg for Cooking Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm

Features :
100% Brand new and good quality
This stylish Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm is specially designed for cooking. Also, the Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm is perfect for people who usually forget the cooking time when you are busy for other things or have no time. It can remind you in time with long ring chime. Therefore, the kitchen timer (Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm) can do for all of your needs as cooking and otherwise. It is not only a lovely timer, but also a home decoration. It adds fashionable atmosphere to your kitchen(Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm).

The delicious food is ok when the bell is ringing! Let's make the cook easier!
Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm Turn clockwise to 60 minutes
Turn counter-clockwise to the number of minutes required
A bell will ring when all the minutes are elapsed
Mechanical kitchen timer, no battery required, energy saving
60 minute long ring chime
Also a good gift and decoration

Working Environment Temperature: -10 -- +55 Degree
Operating Direction: Clockwise
Operating Torque: =0.45N.m
Setting Time Range: 1-60 minutes
Working Angle: 360 degree
Ring Time: The longer time you set the longer time it will ring
Material: Stainless steel
Pattern: Egg
Note: If the clocking is 5-6minutes, this bell won't ring .If the clocking is more than 10minutes,this bell will ring. Thanks for your understanding.

Package :
1pc * Kitchen Cooking Timer Alarm 60 Minutes

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