Seeds Vegetable Sprouting Stands & Lids Set




This auction for 2 x Seeds Vegetable Sprouting Stainless Steel Lids + 2 x Black Foldable Mason Jar Phone Stands Set

Lids (2 x piece) ~ Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer Fit for Wide Mouth Mason Jars. ~ The mesh screen keeps the sprouts off the counter and prevents mold growth. ~ Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and can be sterilized in boiling water after each use. ~ Perfect for growing your own fresh sprouts at home, can also be used to sift flour, powdered sugar or drink loose-leaf tea. ~ Easy to use - start sprouting seeds today! All you have to do is choose your seed or bean and add water. Why not start with organic bro or brocolli? Seeds require initial soaking for 8-12 hours, and then usually take 2-3 days to germinate. It requires very little attention - you only need to rinse the seeds once a day.

Stands (2 x piece) ~ Made of stainless steel and rust free material, durable in use. ~ Non-slip design can overcome any smooth or uneven surface effectively. ~ You can adjust screw to change direction and degree whatever you want it to be. ~ Sprouting kit stand is a perfect solution to draining the water and letting in enough air. ~ Perfect for 32 ounce Mason jar, also can be used as 5-8 inch phone, iPad mini, Tablet stand. ~ Special Design: Non-slip and rotary nut design, can adjust to any angle, can be used on any platform. Easy to Use: Just set your sprouting jar/phone/iPad on the stand, then adjust it to any angle to meet your needs, which is useful and easy to operate. ~ Foldable: With foldable design, convenient for you to take them anywhere you want, easy for storage and travel. ~ Multi-use: Perfect for Mason jar and phone, iPad, tablet.

Size: Lid: Diameter approx. 8.4cm/3.3 inches Stand: Foldable Size(L x W): 9.5 x 8cm Unfold Size(L x H): 8 x 14cm

Package Included: 2 Lids + 2 Black Stands ( Mason Jar is NOT included)

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