Pneumatic Car Brake Fluid Bleeder Tool Brake Oil Replacement Kit




This Auction is for Brand New 1 Set Pneumatic Car Brake Fluid Bleeder Bleeding Tool Brake Oil Replacement Kit

Product Overview: Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder Tool Pneumatic Brake Fluid Bleeder w/ 4 master cylinder adapters 90 - 120 PSI Brake fluid bleeder works with your air compressor to quickly assist in your brake bleeding. The simplicity of this tool allows brake bleeding to get done by one person easily. Flush and refill the entire brake system by yourself with this brake fluid bleeder. Convenient one-person operation Flush and refill entire brake system 34 oz Brake Fluid Tank 24 oz New Fluid tank that inserts into your master cylinder with provided adapters Use only DOT certified brake fluid Hose Length 1-1/12 ft. Master Cylinder Reservoir Adapters : 1.25 INCHES.-1.60 INCHES (32 to 41mm) 1.10 INCHES.-1.45 INCHES (28 to 37mm) 0.95 INCHES.-1.25 INCHES (24 to 32mm) 0.80 INCHES.-1.20 INCHES (21 to 30mm)

Specifications: Air requirement: 90 to 120 PSI/6-12Bar, Air inlet: 1/4''- 18 NPT Air consumption: 180ltr/min Negative pressure: 60% Oil extraction container capacity: 0.5/1L approx. Refill container capacity: 0.75L approx. Refill container head material: copper PU hose size: 2m approx.

How to use:

  1. Take away the dirty brake fluid from the tank;
  2. Put in the new fluid back;
  3. Start the car and connect the hose between the equipment and the brake branch pump;
  4. Twist the screw to be loose, but not completely. Then open valve to start siphoning the fluid out.Please turn off the valve after screwing when it finish.
  5. Our tool fit for universal cars, you can use the tapered spout which is offered in the package avoid air leaking;
  6. Please lift the tool over the brake pump to ensure it work properly.

Package List: 2 x Brake Fluid Change Tool 2 x Metal Adapters 4 x Plastic Adapter 1 x Hose

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