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This auction for one Brand New Black Mouse Mice Rat Trap Cage Small Live Animal Pest Control Bait Hunting, Catch and Release Humane Animal and Rodent Cage Trap for Mice, Rats, Chipmunks, Small Squirrels, and Voles


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Made of galvanized iron wire, rust-proof and durable.
  • Medium Sized great for safely catching chipmunks, rats, mice, voles, and small squirrels.
  • Reusable - After an animal or rodent is caught, the trap can be re-baited and used over and over again
  • Humane Live Animal Trap - After catching them, you can release them at any time.
  • Convenient to install, easy to use.
  • Through the automatic locking mechanism, the prey cannot escape after being captured.
  • Remember to put some bait, may be fruit meat bread etc.
  • High sensitivity, good effect in rats trapping Sturdy and durable easy to use
  • Ideal for homes, restaurants, shopping centers, food factories and other damaged places.

specification: Material: iron + electroplating Colour: Black Size: 23 x 11.5 x 11.5cm Weight: 300g Recommend to use 1 mouse trap per 20 square meter.

Package Included: 1 x Mouse Trap

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