Mini Exercise Bike


It is a great therapy tool for upper or lower body. This cycle is lightweight at just under 9 pounds(4.5kg). This compact machine can be used almost anywhere and stashed away just as easily. With a large digital control panel and many options, this cycle gives the big gym versions a run for the money. You will be able to work out more often and in privacy thanks to this well-made mini cycle. The Marcy Mini Cardio Cycle is so handy, you can use it in the convenience and privacy of your home. The cardio cycle is so light and portable it can be stored quickly and easily almost anywhere

Use the cycle for legs or arm workouts
The large digital control panel is easy to read cycle monitors your workout time, repetitions and calories burned
There is a handy scan feature so you can review your workout statistics'
* Good for Light Exercise

* Tension Adjustable

* Built-in LCD to Show Scan, Time, Calories and Total Count

* Portable and Lightweight

* Place on a Desk or Tabletop and Operate with Your Hands to Exercise Arms

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