Massage table

Portable 2 Sections Massage Table Wooden Folding Massage Bed Couch with Headrest/Armrest/Hand Pallet, Black massage table

Foldable & portable massage table : If you a mobile therapist, a foldable and portable massage bed is very convenient and less weight for you to carry around. The whole massage bed will become a portable case with clasps after it is folded. If you want it for home use, it also saves space when not in use.

Easy to set up massage table : massage table is easy to set up and close the spa bed. You do not need a tool at all. Open the case and you will see the bed legs inside as well as other accessories. Pull the legs out and adjust them to the height you need, including a headrest, a hand pallet and two armrests in position.

Adjustable height: massage table has two twisting adjustment knobs on each leg for 8 kinds of different height adjustment. The height of the massage table can be adjusted from 25 inches to 34 inches. In addition, the face cradle is also removable and adjustable.

Strong weight capacity for massage table: The folding physical therapy table is stable enough because two sections of the spa table are supported by two triangle frames and heavy-duty cords. The max load bearing is 551lb.

Excellent workmanship: The professional facial massage table is constructed of aluminum alloy and composite board frames, beech wood legs and spongy cushion covered by PVC leather. Give you a comfortable experience and a durable service.

Height-adjustable headrest: The headrest, also face cradle, is removable if you do not need it. massage table is adjustable for different heights or angles, too. The headrest adopts quick-fix locking device, through which the angle of the headrest can be adjusted.

Ergonomic operation: The portable spa bed massage table features a removable headrest, a swing hand pallet, and two rectangle armrests. You can put hands on the hand pallet when you lying face down on the massage table.

size:-180cm x 60cm x 65cm x thickness 9cm approx

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