LED Rocker Switch Panel





  • The product is a 5-position switch panel with 5 switches, which can control the switching status of 5 electrical appliances at the same time.
  • The input voltage of the product is 12-24V, all trucks of 12-24V can be installed and used, and the scope of use is very wide.
  • The product is ABS, PC, PBT high temperature resistant, flame retardant and environmentally friendly material, which can be used in the environment where the minimum temperature is -25° and the maximum temperature is 80°.
  • The product is equipped with a cigarette lighter seat, dual USB, which can be used for powering external devices of the car, and can also supply power for mobile phones, tablets, GPS, etc.
  • The product has a voltmeter, which can detect the use condition of the car battery at any time and prevent the safety accident caused by the battery failure.

Specification: Light color: USB and switch are blue, voltmeter blue Product color: black Working temperature: -25C-80C Maximum power: 240W Input voltage: DC12V/24V Output voltage: 5V Output current: 4.2A Protection level: IP65 Voltmeter detection range: 6-30V Related certificates: CE/ROHS/UL Size: 150 x 105 x 80mm

Product use: can be used for headlight switch, fog light switch, width light switch, car refrigerator switch, car vacuum cleaner switch, car external equipment to take power, for mobile phones, tablets, etc. Installation range: suitable for installation of high-end large-scale tools such as ships, yachts, motor homes, buses, etc. Product accessories: four self-tapping screws

Connection instruction: Black Wire=Negative Red Wire=Positive

Packing included: 1 x Rocker Switch Panel 4 x Screws 1 x Sheet of Sticker (This auction is for all switch, usb, voltmeter panel ,fuses and wires as shown in the pictures.)

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