8 Blades Double Head Fireplace Fan

8 Blades Double Head Fireplace Fan Heat Powered Stove Fan for Fireplace/Wood/Log Burner Ultra-Quiet Eco-Friendly

Anodized aluminum material: The whole fan is made from anodized aluminum, which will not rust or corrode when the fan is getting hot.Ultra-Quiet,Bid farewell to the noisy electric fan.

Over-temperature Protection: When the temperature reaches 400 °C, the metal shrapnel at the bottom will lift the fan to protect the fan motor from damage.

No Need for Electricity: Make full use of the heat source of the fireplace to convert into power, the fire is more prosperous, the faster the blade turns, the heat is quickly transmitted to every corner of the room.

No Need for Batteries: Just use the heat from the fireplace to turn the fan, which is in line with the current concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

Maintenance-free: Only need to add a little oil to the bearing on a regular basis to play the role of lubrication to ensure the smooth rotation of the blade.

Working Principle: The fan is placed on the fireplace, and when the temperature of the base reaches 60 degrees, the electrothermal conversion module starts to start and generates current. The power generation module continues to work, generating current and driving the motor, and the motor drives the fan to rotate the blade. The fan continues to rotate, allowing the heat generated by the fireplace to spread out continuously, efficiently, and energy-efficiently, thereby quickly convecting heat throughout the space.

Material: anodized aluminum
Starting temperature: 60 ° C (122 ° F)
Maximum operating temperature: 340 ° C (644 ° F)
AirFlow: 180-250 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Noise: <32dB
Colour: black
Weight: about 810g
Height: about 13.8cm/5.43in
Width: about 21cm/8.27in
Thickness: about 11cm/4.33in
Single package size: 23*14.5*15.5CM

Packing List:
1*heat power stove fan
1*English manual

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