Guard Roller Fender Rollers





  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of heavy-duty thickened Iron, with a powder-coated finish to prevent rust and resist corrosion. The roller fender well forged and welded ensures professional-grade high-quality tool for years of service.

*EXQUISITE DESIGN: With big rolling wheel gently reforms the fender without damaging the expensive paint finish. The wheel rolls back and forth in 180 degrees to gradually flat the inner lip. The mounting plate bolts directly onto the wheel's hub flange. Adjustable arm forms the different lengths of hub-center-to-edge-of-roller. Galvanized handle helps to change angles to create targeted pressure.

  • EASY TO INSTALL & USE: First, fix the mounting plate to the wheel hub, and then adjust the arm of the rolling wheel by rotating the knob. Last, Holding the handle and rolling the 180-degree wheel to flat the inner lip.
  • Equipped with an adapter plate (its elongated holes for fits all popular 4 and 5-bolt hubs), adjustable forming arm, outer fender, fender lip, roller wheel, wheel lock, adjust knob, conical lug nut rings, pressure screw, and heat gun. You can use the heat gun to gently heat the paint on the outside of the fender to ease the forming without damage to the paint.


100% brand new, Never been tried or installed Extend Bar: 11" to 18" Max. Length: 655mm Min. Length: 520mm Adjustable Length: 135mm Internal Diameter: 73mm External Diameter: 149mm Adjusts from 14" to 22 3/4" Angle Adjustment: 90° Material: Iron Designed To Slowly Ease The Wheel Arch Away Allowing For Larger Wheels To Be Fitted Simply Bolts Directly To The Hub Flange Pressure Adjustment For Easing Out Adjustable Extension Arm Easy Installation

Package including: 5 x Conical Lug Nut Rings 1 x Fender Roller 1 x English Manual

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