Golf Hitting Bag Impact Trainer Swing Training Bags


* SCIENTIFIC DESIGN: According to the basic principle of golf swing design.Help you train your swing effectively.
* HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: It is made of high quality waterproof PVC fabric to ensure the wear resistance of the smash bag.
* SPECIAL DESIGN: This smash bag have a plastic buckle at the end that allows you to hold the bag in place with a stick. It can make the bag not move easily during training.
* Help players master the correct feeling on swinging ball
* Designed for correct golfers to practice hitting a ball, safe and reliable
* Can effectively help players find a more solid feeling of swing ball with the product by practice
* Help the players hit the ball more decisive and effective

Product Category: Golf Combat Bag
Material: high density waterproof fabric
Small size, easy to carry
Size: 42*42*23cm
Package Size 23*53*53cm Please filling with soft things like old clothes or towels inside (Filling NOTincluded)
Net Weight 450g approx
Fullfilled weight 6.5Kg approx

Package Include:
1 x Empty Bag

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