Fuzz Away Large Clothes Shaver


100% Brand New Lint Shaver Lint Remover
Renew effect on old, tired clothing with lints
Guard netting head comes with different sized holes
Stainless steel blades and netting head attachment
Powerful 2W operation with high speed rotating blades
Rotating motion creates suction to collect lints in container
Large lint container volume for better convenience
Large hand grip handle enhance easier operation
Hassle-free battery operation
Small and compact to bring along anywhere
Works with sweaters, scarfs, shirts and common clothings

Product Dimensions (L W H): 16cm x 7cm x 11cm
Package Dimensions (L W H): 16cm x 7cm x 11cm
Gross Weight: 170g
Material: ABS / Stainless steel
Power Source: 2 x AA batteries
Output: 2v - 4v

Package Content:
1 x Lint Remover Lint Shaver

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