Emergency Sleeping Bag Camping Rescue Survival Blanket

This auction for One Brand New Reusable Outdoor Emergency Thermal Waterproof Sleeping Bag Rescue Tent Blanket Camping Survival Bivvy Sack Travel Bag

Heat Retention: Survival bivvy bag provide heat retention and thermal insulation in survival situations. Lined with special heat reflecting material similar to emergency blankets, an essential part of any survival or camping kit.

Compact Size: Emergency Blanket folds into a tiny Piece. It can be stored almost anywhere, leaving you much needed space in your kit for other gear. The bag extends to a comfortable 91cm x 213cm.

Use for Signalling Rescue: Bright orange exterior can be used as a signalling device. The emergency bivvy bag can be used to call for help in your hour of need. Remember, the ultimate goal of any survival situation is to get back home safely!

Essential Survival Gear: Hypothermia is first and foremost the most serious danger in any survival situation. Small and light enough to be thrown in any bag, the emergency sleeping bag may save your life in an emergency survival scenario. Throw it in the glove compartment of your car or backpack.

Multi-purpose: Emergency blanket, sleeping bag, picnic blanket, an essential pack item for climbers, mountaineers and walkers.

- An essential part of any outdoor survival kit.
- Sleeping bag design with small size, ultra-thin and lightweight, easy to carry and store.
- Helps to keep you properly insulated from the cold air; ensures warm and comfortable rest while camping in the winter.
- Indispensable for outdoor activities, wild adventures, expeditions, tourism, and more; helpful in all outdoor emergency situations.
- Use for camping, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and general outdoor actives.

Material: Polyethylene, PE
Size: 91 x 213cm

Package Include:
1 * Sleeping Bag

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