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With a combination of serious power and unrivaled quality, the 12v 4x4 Portable Air Compressor is the must-have off-road companion for any weekend warrior. Delivering an extreme 150 litres of air per minute, it inflates a 4WD tyre in under 60 seconds while effortlessly maintaining 150PSI. The tire inflator makes operation a snap while quality stainless steel valves, a lifetime bearing mounted gearless direct drive finished body heads ensure this is one compressor you can always rely on to get you out of trouble. Stay on track and never get caught flat, order your Portable Air Compressor today!
Sure you can pump up a truck tyre in no time flat, but with the versatility of three bonus heads can also inflate the kids' balls, toys and more.

The new 12 volt portable air compressor already becoming the most demanded A must have vehicle accessory for any 4WDing legend, dirt biker, quad king, camping connoisseur and anyone that never wants to be caught out!

The delivers extreme air flow, inflating an average 4WD tyre in less than 90 seconds - and a car tyre quicker than you can blink!

inflate all your mates tyres along with any other poor soul that purchased an inferior product and accurately controls inflation and allows for fast preset deflation, making correct tyre inflation child's play .
Voltage range: DC12V - 15V
Compitable for 12V Battery Power Supply over 300W
Double cylinder
Air volume capacity: 85L / Min
Air pressure: 150 PSI
Hose length: 3M
Current Consumption: MAX. 55Amp

Stainless steel valves
Lifetime bearing mounted gear less direct drive copper motor
Accurate pressure gauge
Automatic thermal safety + Fused extra heavy duty power cable
3 HEAD ATTACHMENTS for Inflating Balls, Toys, and More

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