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  • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE READING --- SunGrow Digital Thermometer can read in both Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit at the touch of a button. To turn on or off, just press and hold the PWR (Power button) for 3-5 seconds.
  • TARGETED READING --- Reader tip is designed to measure temperature in the tank and will not be affected by surrounding room temperatures.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL ENVIRONMENT --- Use the SunGrow Digital Thermometer in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium or reptile habitat. It is compatible with all types of aquariums and vivariums. The thermometer has a range of -50 degree to +70 degree Celsius (-58 to 158 degree Fahrenheit).
  • MADE TO LAST --- Made of durable plastic and clear, big LCD screen, lightweight and easy to read. The temperature reading is unobtrusive. Comes with suction cups and LR44, 1.5v battery is included, cable with 39" length and ready-to-go upon arrival.
  • JUST FIX AND IT’S READY! --- Attach an LCD screen reader on the outside of your tank with a suction cup. Place the Reader tip (Sensing Probe Cable Line) in the tank where you want the temperature read and attach that with a suction cup. Then just press the button on the screen anytime you need to take a reading.
  • SunGrow Digital Thermometer, 1.5x2.3 Inches, Precise Monitoring of Tank Temperature, Black, Can Read in Both Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit

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Much like how air conditioning and heaters help us stay comfortable in warm and cold climates, keeping an ideal temperature for our pets is important. The best way to tell the temperature of water or air in your tank quickly is to use a digital thermometer.

SunGrow Digital Thermometer is made for the job.

If the thermometer display "H°", it means the tested temperature is higher than 70°C. If the thermometer display "L°", it means that the tested temperature is lower than -50°C.

Great for use in fresh or saltwater aquariums, reptile tanks, or hamster cages. Read the temperature of your pet’s enclosure up to 3 times a day with the SunGrow Digital Thermometer to make sure the temperature is comfortable. Knowing the accurate temperature of your tank means you can make the necessary adjustments and ensure the happiness and longevity of your adorable pets.

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