Cookie Cutter

Cookie Cutter Set - 10 Pcs

Cookie Cutter Materials and Size:All made of Cookie Cutter Food Grade stainless Cookie Cutter steel,can be used from 40 Cookie Cutter degrees below zero to 230 degrees, will not rust after washing Cookie Cutter with water, very durable and safe.It approaches 3.5" high, 3" wide and 1.0" in depth.

Cookie Cutter Children's Favorite Cookie Mold: Great as a pancake mold,or for cutting cookie dough, fondant, soft fruits, bread, sandwiches,cheese,or craft clay.It iwill be widely Cookie Cutter used fordinosaur theme birthday parties, Cookie Cutter Jurassic Park theme, and any other parties, making your food and party more interesting.

Easy Work: This dinosaur cookie cutter Cookie Cutter set with a great size Cookie Cutter which can help you make nice and Cookie Cutterdelicious dinasaur shape cookies,no mather kids or adult! Hand wash, dry Immediately, not dishwasher safe.

Cookie Cutter GUARANTEE:We support customer refunds when unsatisfied.Any problems please contact us, we will try best to serve you.and our store also have other cookie cutter set,rich your party,Cookie Cutter welcome to buy

1 X Cookie Cutter Set - 10 Pcs

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