Collapsible Microwave Cover

Brand new Collapsible Microwave Cover – Dome or Flat Bowl and Plate Lid - Prevents Food Splatter, Keeps Oven Clean - Expands from 1" to 3.5" High - Perforated for Ventilation - BPA Free Collapsible Microwave Cover

FLEXIBLE PROTECTION: Collapsible Microwave Cover lid is fully collapsible for maximum flexibility so that you can use them to cover steep bowls or flat plates perfectly.

BETTER QUALITY LEFTOVERS: Collapsible Microwave Cover Unlike other plastic covers, our microwave lid is made from silicone to ensure your dishes are free from undesired taste.

Our lid allows your food to breathe with their built-in steam vents to keep your food fresh and reduce sogginess.

KEEPS YOUR MICROWAVE SPOTLESS: Collapsible Microwave Cover Don’t let food splatter in your microwave! Our easy-to-clean lid protects your microwave from the unwanted mess.

PRODUCT FEATURES for Collapsible Microwave Cover

Made from Silicone Material
Expand To Use As a High Dome Lid
Specially Designed Steam Vents Prevents Soggy Food
Collapses Flat for Easy Storage
Can Be Used As a Colander


We've all been there before - placing our leftovers in our microwave only to have them come out completely damp and not as great tasting. That's because as food is microwaved, the steam builds onto your food and makes them moist. Unlike other microwave covers, ours come with specially designed steam vents that allow your food to breathe so sogginess is greatly reduced. This gives your food a much fresher taste so they taste just as good the second day as the first.


Whether it's a plate or a bowl, our microwave lid provides you with the ultimate protection for any container you're eating from. The dome shape of our lid is great for plates while the flat shape makes for a great cover over bowls. No matter what you're eating from, you can ensure our collapsible lid will provide you with the utmost protection for your meals so that you enjoy more and worry less

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