Chime Door Bell Doorbell

Wireless Intelligent Greeting Doorbell Welcome Infrared Motion Sensor Warning Wireless visitor / Customer ding-dong door chime Entry Alert / Door Bell Doorbell Chime

Entrance Alarm with Door Bell sensor

* Power supply: DC 9-15V (not included)

* Detection range: 4-8 m

* Volume: 4 levels adjustable (Can't adjust the volume at alarm mode)

* Induction method: infrared sensor triggered

* 3 modes: Voice Alarm Music, at "Voice" mode: Human voice, dingdong, "Alarm" mode: keeps you aware of intruders; at

"Music" mode: just as a doorbell, with 32 music to welcome your guests

* Detection Angle: Horizontal Angle of 110 degrees, vertical Angle of 15 degrees

* The main function: Automatic body sensing, ultra-long, wide-angle detection. Adjustable direction (with stand). Host built-in speakers, alarm

loudness of 75-95 db

* Installation height: 1.5m-2.5m

* Music: 32 music and vocals optiona

* Battery: 3 x AAA batteries (batteries are not included)

Package content
1*White Welcome Alarm Motion Sensor Door Bell Door Bell Doorbell Chime ( with retail box

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