CCTV Cable 15m

Brand new 15M RCA cable the Audio cable Video Power AV Black Cable for DVR CCTV Security Surveillance Camera


1.CCTV Cable 100% brand new and high CCTV Cable quality product
2.Easier for installation save time and money
3.Perfect for CCTV security camera application in home or office indoor or outdoor
4.The cable comes premade with 5.5mm power connections (male on one end, female on the other) and RCA connector. With these cables there's no need to cut wires. Simply plug and play.


1.This meter camera cable is CCTV Cable pre-terminated with BNC plugs for CCTV Cable video signal.
2.2.1mm jack plug and socket for 12V camera power.
3.CCTV Cable The leads are heavy duty co-axial versions virtually immune to inductive CCTV Cable vision cameras requiring high currents for their infra-red illuminators. interference and do not suffer from excessive volt drop when used with Night .
4.CCTV Cable Color: Black

Package included:

1 x CCTV camera Cable 15M CCTV Security Camera Cable

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