Catcher Fly Trap




This auction for one brand new Fly Trap Reusable Hanging Folding Ranch Trap Catcher Flytrap Effect Pest Control

Description Easy to disassemble, more convenient. Safety and environmental protection, high fly efficiency.

Specification: Color: Green Material: Iron wire + plastic

Layout method:

  1. In the spring and autumn season, it hangs in the sunny place, and it hangs in the sun where it can not be exposed to the sun in summer.(protect from light)
  2. Because flies are fond of stinking objects, it is suggested that bait should be selected for food, such as fish intestines, rotten fruits, BEER etc., as far as 20 centimeters away from the ground.
  3. This product is widely used in public places, such as parks, families, vegetable farms (farmers market), canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, greening belts, food processing plants, toilets, garbage rooms (fields) and other public places and outdoor environments.
  4. This product is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe new fly fishing apparatus, which is made strictly by dozens of processes. It is easy to operate, easy to understand, and high catch fly rate.
  5. Its principle is to use food bait to entice flies into the cage and enter the cage without food to die naturally.
  6. Ideal tool for trapping living flies for your frogs, reptiles or spiders etc. Warm Tips: Cages are seduced in, bait is the key, with chicken and duck viscera, fish viscera, rotten fruit, brown sugar + rice, pasta, cream popsicle, corn stick and so on.

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