black head remover

Brand new Household Multi-function Acne Cleansing High-pressure Suction Blackhead Face Pores Clean Beauty Instrument Multi-function Acne Cleansing High-pressure Suction Blackhead Remover

Electric blackhead instrument to blackhead artifact household electronic cleaning instrument beauty instrument pore cleaner

The bottom of the muscles removes deep dirt and does not harm the skin's blackheads.
The skin is not damaged, sensitive skin can also be used to remove blackheads/acne/grease.
Remove blackheads and restore skin elasticity and whiteness.
The quick exit, the effect is remarkable, the deionized liquid penetrates the pores, helps the skin, exports pores softens and exports blackheads.
A range of high-quality materials, peace of mind and sensitive muscle protection can also be used with confidence.
Deep cleansing of acne blackheads in the pores, garbage toxins.

Name: Blackhead
Voltage: 5V
Power: 2.5W
Input current: >500ma
color: White
Size: 180 * 45mm

1 *blackhead
6 * Tip
1 *Instruction manual

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