Bicycle Bike Repair Tool


teeth: 12 teeth
material: carbon steel
shape: 6-pin screw shaped
fit for any other brand splined bottom bracket
suitable for any 20 teeth splined type bottom bracket -generally the type used for any bike
the tool can be used with either a 24mm socket, wrench or an adjustable spanner
to remove multiple-freewheels and other tower wheels of mountain bikes and road bikes

* Bike Chain Breaker

material: steel
firm and durable.
small & compact chain tool, it can be carried anywhere.
double driving pin for easy chain breaking.
specially designed to remove and install chain pins.
a grip for comfortable handling.
fits common bicycle chains of 8/9/10 speed, works for all common bicycle chains.

* Crank Extractor

suitable for square tapered crank sets
extended ejector for removing chain-rings and crank
easy to install and use.
universal bike crank puller.
it is ideal for any home bike mechanic.
a necessary tool for outdoor biking
practical and more convenient. helps you get out of troubles
you just need an adjustable spanner or a 5/8 or 16mm spanner, then:
remove the bolt in the crank arm
screw the lower black part of the tool into the crank until tight
screw in and continue to tighten the silver piece of the tool until the crank starts to move

* Bottom Crank Bracket Removal Tool

material: carbon steel
size (approx.): 3 * 5cm / 1.2 * 2.0in (d * h)
easy to carry and store.
a must have tool for cycle enthusiasts.
adopt high hardness carbon steel, nickel plated surface treatment, very durable.
bicycle bottom bracket remove tool, with 20 teeth, used to disassemble bike bottom bracket.

Package Included:
1x bike chain breaker
1x bottom bracket remover
1x crank extractor
1x bottom crank bracket removal tool

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