Barbell Foam Pad



This Auction is for One Brand New Barbell Foam Pad For Fitness Equipment Barbell Pad Squat Weight Lifting Shoulder Protector Rod Cover Weight Lifting Pull Up Gripper Supporter Cushion Cover Fitness Protective Gear for Gym Training Exercise

Help protect your shoulders and neck during squats with the Black Foam Barbell Pad. This barbell pad features thick 3cm foam padding to provide cushioning, which can reduce strain on your shoulders when performing heavy lifts and squats. The barbell pad will also aid in a firm grip of the bar when being used, helping to prevent the bar for slipping. The pad simply clamps snugly around the bar so that it will stay in place, allowing you to focus on your weight training. This barbell squat pad comes in black, is portable and lightweight, and is designed to be stored inside your gym bag or your locker. This weight bar pad is suitable for using in home gyms or professional training centres.

Protect neck & shoulder
Keep bar in place without slipping
Support strength to load more weight
Improve postures while squatting
Reduce risks & injuries
Provide comfort for upper & lower back

Reduce discomfort and avoid hurting - Our Barbell Squat Pad reduces discomfort to allow you to workout longer, and with more weight- increasing your gains!

Avoiding the pressure on your body
Our unique cut away design helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the neck, spine or groin and allows us to add more protection to the places that need them.

Color: Black (check Red color from my listings)
Material: 3cm Thick Foam
Size: 43 x 11cm

Package Include:
1 x Barbell Pad

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