16pcs Bearing Extractor Bushes Puller Set



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This auction Brand New 16 pcs Bearing puller blind hole bearing ball bearing puller set internal puller set blind hole puller tool with slide hammer

This blind hole bearing puller tool set will be ideal for car maintenance tasks requiring an internal puller, such as the removal of pilot bearings. It is an indispensable workshop tool for professionals and DIY mechanics alike.

This set is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications.

Description: *100% New and High Quality

  • Basic hole bottom bracket puller set 16 pieces.
  • Internal extractor for extremely close-fitting ball bearings, rings, bushes and oil seals.
  • Delivered in a blow-molded case for easy transport and storage
  • Ideal for both professional and DIY use

Specifications: For removing pilot bushes bearings etc. from blind housings. A sliding hammer mounted 2.5 jaws thread: M10x1.5p, M10x1.5p, M8x1.25p, M10x1.5p, M6x1.0p 10 x collects (segment handle): 8-11mm, 12-17mm, 18-23mm, 24-29mm, 30-34mm, 34-38mm, 39-43mm, 44-48mm, 49-53mm, 54- 58mm screw adapter M10x1.5p, M10x1.5p / M8x1.25p, M10x1.5p / M6x1.0p 1 x counter-puller Weight: 5.3 kg Hardcase size: 40cm * 30 cm * 7cm Materials: carbon steel

Package Includes: 16pcs Bearing Extractor Set

Bearing Extractor Blind Hole Pilot Bearing Puller Internal Extractor Remover Slide Hammer

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