131 Piece Helicoil Type Thread Repair Kit



product description:

Damaged thread M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 repair kit

Made of chrome vanadium steel for strength and durability.

Suitable for repairing damaged wires in steel, cast iron, iron and aluminum.

Suitable for maintenance of engines and other automotive applications.

Perforation: Use a standard drill to clean damaged threads. (To repair the spark plug threads, if a special spark plug is used, no pre-drilling is required.) Please note that the non-flow faucet requires a larger hole.

Check that the threads and the channels of the faucets and bolts match.

Threading: Use special thread to cut the clamping threads in the hole (recommended for proper oil cutting)

Install the insert in the installation tool and place the adjustable ring so that the latch is in the center of the shank. Roll the blade to a half turn below the surface with a slight downward pressure.

It does not work in the direction of the line because the handle may break.

Don Removal - When finished, lift the installation tool and use the Down's Fracture Tool to remove the spikes. For larger sizes and spark plug faucets, use long nose pliers to remove the spikes. New threads are usually stronger than the original thread due to narrow and precise tolerances.

110 pieces of steel thread inserts

M5 x 0.8 x 6.7mm

M6 x 1.0x8.0mm

M8 x 1.25x10.8mm

M10 x 1.5x13.5mm

M12 x 1.75x16.3mm

Products include:
5 installation tools
5 broken needle tools
5 drill bits
1 x hex wrench
5 taps

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