Cap Washer Baseball Hat Cleaner Protector Washing


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Cap Washer Baseball Hat Cleaner Cleaning Protector Ball Cap Washing Frame Cage


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ULTRA STURDY PLASTIC PROTECTIVE CAGE - The best cap washing aid to maintain the interior shape of your cap while the exterior protective cage cover locks down to protect your baseball cap during cleaning VERSATILE - can be used as your hat rack,hat shaper,cap collection holder,hat hanger and cap organizer allowing you to clean your entire cap collection SAFE for TOP RACK of DISHWASHER(Recommended) & WASHING MACHINE- amazing results when flat and curved caps are washed in top rack of dishwasher(Only cleaning process).Gentle Cycle only if used in the washing machine! Use cold water and do not put in dryer IDEAL TRAVELING COMPANION - safely clean,dry,shape,protect and store your caps while traveling,make sure your cap DON'T crush

Package Content:

1XCap Washer

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