65 Gallon Fabric Pots Root Container Grow Bag Plant Pouch



65 Gallon Fabric Pots Root Container Grow Bag Plant Pouch Aeration Container

This 65 gallon plant grow bag is washable and reusable aeration fabric pots with handles, offers a healthier, smarter, and more versatile alternative to traditional clay or plastic gardening containers.


  1. Our plant grow bag has a higher aeration, so the plant roots can be able to grow freely throughout the soil instead of circling back inside the pot. And due to the extra drainage, it is practically impossible to over-watering a plant.
  2. As the material is sturdy, the plant grow bags are not going to break down anytime soon. They are stitched with a heavy nylon thread. With sturdy stitched nylon handles, the plant grow bag can be easily moved or transported.
  3. Our plant grow bags are reusable and washable. Simply remove the containers before transplanting. These pots will help plants become established more quickly after transplanting. Application

65 gallon Aeration fabric Pots plant grow bag Constructed from high quality non-woven fabric With sturdy stitched nylon handles Easily moved or transported Provide excellent root zone aeration and drainage Environmental friendly materials, washable and reusable Ideal for use with hydroponic systems Specifications Product: Plant grow bag Quantity: 1 Shape: Round bucket Color: Black Material: Fabric Size: 65 Gallon Handles: 2 Bottom(diameter): 80 cm Height: 50 cm )

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